Monday, August 22, 2011

Facts Of Life

How Long can we go without sleeping ?
The record is 264 hours . The man with the rheumy eyes was 17 years old Randy Gardiner from California , who performed his feat at a local science fair in 1966 . He was a zombie-like by the end of it , but made a full recovery after three night's rest . cool ! but Randy was lucky . Staying awake for more than 100 hours is all but impossible and what happens after that is , become disoriented , paranoid and start seeing things and expert think long-term psychological damage may occur .

Is it really true that owls can turn their heads completely around ?
When one of our nocturnal friends spins to look at you imperiously without moving its body , it can look like the head could keep on twisting indefinitely , But , thoungh an owl's rounded neck vertebrae make it extremely flexible , the maximum movement is 270 degress in either direction . Any more than that and it would break its neck . Much to the delight of any passing mice , no doubt .
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  1. 264hours?wow! akak pn baru penah capai 72jam je..hoho...

  2. tuh la pasal . shera pun terkejot . gila tabik la dgn dye . hahaha